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Probability Hammer

ProbHammer is an unofficial simulation tool to calculate and visualise probabilities for Warhammer 40k.

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The Advantage

To prevail in the caos of the 40. millenium a commander needs all the information he can get. And to get that information into the hands of those who need it is the task of ProbHammer.

When you are fighting against the enemy you don't want to know how many of the enemy models you can slay on average. You want to know the probability of slaying a specific ammount of models. Therefore, ProbHammer does not only calculate the average values, but the whole probability distribution. With this information you can calculate the needed firepower to destroy an enemy unit with a probability of e.g. 90%.


System Requirements

ProbHammer was developed in Java. The only thing you need to run it is a Java Runtime Environment Version 8 or higher.

If you don't have a Java Runtime Environment installed you can download one from OpenJDK or Oracle. Currently there is no version that can be run directly on mobile platforms. If the response of the community is positive, a version for Android is planed for the future.

Support The Cause

In order to support the further development of ProbHammer think about donating using the PayPal link to the right.

The money will be used to pay for the website, software and coffee. If the interest in ProbHammer is high enough, I might even make a mobile application for Android smartphones or a web applikation that can be run on this website like it is known from MathHammer. But because ProbHammer needs quite some computational resources the hosting to provide this would be between 10€ to 20€ per month.


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